Can being lonely really cause health problems?

Most of us experience being lonely at times. Maybe after a breakup, or when moving to a new city. Loneliness is a depressing feeling and is something the no one wants to experience. But aside from being a bad feeling, can loneliness be dangerous to your health? According to some research loneliness can pose serious health risks.  It may…

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Sleep drunkenness may affect 1 in 7, but what is it?

Human beings are extremely complicated to say the least and because of that have complex problems that are difficult to analyze. Many Americans suffer from sleep disorders, so much so that there are entire institutes dedicated to researching them. The truth is, sleep is a subject that is not completely understood and there are many opinions on its purpose.…

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The truth about washing your hands.

Washing your hands is a basic hygiene necessity that we are always reminded of when we go places. At restaurants, stores and shops and pretty much every place where people gather there are signs reminding you to wash your hands. We are reminded to wash after using the restroom, before eating or after traveling on…

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Try not to do these things to your pets.

People love their pets and often consider them to be part of the family. Sometimes people think they’re doing their best friend a favor or making them happy and instead are doing them more harm than good. Here are some common mistakes people make with their pets. According to some veterinarian’s people are often guilty…

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Improve your health by drinking lemon water.

Simple lemon water can have noticeable positive effects on your health. Drinking a cup of lemon water (preferably warm) every morning is one of the simplest natural ways of improving your health. Not only will it improve your health but there are more than a few other benefits that come from drinking lemon water. Lemon…

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Is there such a thing as good stress?

We are always hearing or reading about the negative effects stress can have on physical and mental health. Stress can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes, it can also make you more likely to catch less serious illnesses like colds. Stress can also lead to alcoholism, obesity, drug addiction, cigarette use depression…

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Some facts about stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy promises to treat a range of diseases, injuries and other health related conditions, but there is still a lot to learn. The lack of understanding has resulted in the media sometimes exaggerating current applications and treatments. Although stem cell therapy has an impressive track recorded of success in the treatment of various…

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Is there any danger in getting a flu shot?

Each year, doctors and many other medical professionals recommend that everyone should get a flu shot. The standard reasons given for these recommendations are not only to prevent the individual from contracting the flu, but to also help prevent the spread of the flu which can be fatal to certain individuals. But many feel that…

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